Regel: Commanders


A strategic board game from the creators of the infamous RPG Avowed!

- The Media



Kill the opposing commander


General rules

Each player controls a platoon of 4 units. Each platoon consists of 1 commander, 1 veteran, 1 scout and 1 foot soldier represented by figures on a playing field. The player with the highest initiative determines which player take actions with his units first and then the other follow. Each unit can as a basic rule move once and attack once pr. turn.


Key words

Combat key words

Surges - adds potential bonus

Reach - Can attack 1 tile away

Pierce - ignore armor

Flanking - +1yellow die when friendly minion is adjacent to your target

Expend - the ability or item cannot be used until stated

Battle - one game

Round - all minions two actions

Action - half of one round for each minion



Poisoned - Take 1 extra dam each time you take damage

Stunned - miss one action

Paralysed - miss one round

Wounded - Take 1 damage start of turn (no armor)

Immobilized - no movement during one round





There are five tribes - apes, rats, bears, foxes and tigers each with they own discplines to help them in battle.Each have a Melee (M), Range (R), Defensive (D), Tribe (T) and a Leadership (L) discpline.



The game consists of two phases 1) Recruit phase 2) Battle phase


Recruit phase

Each player starts by choosing which tribe they want to play.


Commander - choose level 4 in either "leadership" or " tribe", level 4 in Range or Melee and level 3 from 1 of the remaining.


Veteran - Free 3, 3, 2

Scout - Range 2, Free 2

Soldier - Attack 2, Free 2






||Ape|1 tile|2|4|black|5|

*||Bear|4 tiles|1|3|black|8|

*||Fox|1 tile|4|4|Grey|5|

||Rat|1 tile|5|3|brown|4|

||Tiger|2 tiles|3|5|Grey|7|




Equipment - Walking stick & sling


Walking stick - Blue, yellow, reach, 1 surge +1 dam

Sling - Blue, yellow, 2 surges +1 range, 3 surges +1 dam






Bo & Chi (M), Rock Juggling (R), Acrobatics(D), Postures(T) & Meditation(L)


||Level|Bo & Chi|

*||1 Precise strike|+yellow on attack|

*||2 Deflection|+ brown on defense|

||3 Spirit style|two surges choose poison, stun or pierce 2|

||4 Flying bo kick| Spend all movement in straight line to gain +red on attack|


||Level|Rock Juggling|

*||1 Hey! Catch!|+brown on defense vs. range|

*||2 Swing High|+yellow on range|

||3 Rocks and bananas|Attack twice this round using blue only|

||4 Head Crack|2 surges stun, 3 surges paralyse|



*||1 Evasion|+ brown on second defense in same round|

*||2 Elude|+grey on defense|

||3 Counter strike|deal 1 damage after successful defense|

||4 Prone Fighting|Enemy units cannot spend surges against you|



*||1 Viper|Spend 1 action to gain 2 yellow on attack this round|

*||2 Rebalance|Spend 1 action to gain + 1 grey on defense this round|

||3 Spirit fingers|Spend 1 action to heal adjacent unit red|

||4 Superiority| Spend 1 action to attack twice|



*||1 Focus|Add 3 surges to one attack during battle|

*||2 Inner eye|Immune to flanking|

||3 Enlightenment|Gain 1 extra surge on all actions|

||4 Reserves| Gain 3 tokens. Spend token for 1 extra action pr. round|




Equipment - Battle Axe & Chain mail


Battle Axe - Blue, Red, 1 surge +1 dam

*Boulder - Blue, Red, yellow, 1 surge blast 1

*Only if standing adjacent to rock obstacle




Beast(M), Catapulting(R), Toughness(D), Smithing(T), Rage(L)



*||1 Panzer claws|+yellow on attack|

*||2 Ferocious|If less than 5 health attacks hit all adjacent units|

||3 Bear hug|1 surge immobilise|

||4 Killing bite|If unit has been hit before by this unit the player can choose to deal red damage to it instead of attacking|



*||1 Break even|Rock obstacles can be reused once|

*||2 Catapulteer|+yellow on range|

||3 Bombs away!|1 surge blast 2|

||4 Hailstorm|Can replace move action with range attack|



*||1 Thick bones|2 extra health|

*||2 Immunity|Immune to poison|

||3 Thick Fur|reroll one defense die pr. defense|

||4 Regeneration|Gain 2 health between rounds|



*||1 Spot armor flaw|Pierce 1|

*||2 Double bladed axe|Yellow on attack|

||3 Medaljon|Free surge on attack|

||4 Full plate|+black on defense|



*||1 Frenzy|If attacks kills a unit gain a free attack|

*||2 Ignorance|Immune to stun, paralyse downgrades to stun|

||3 Roar|Spend 1 action enemies cannot spend surges against you in this round and the next|

||4 Cleave|+blue on all melee attacks|




Equipment - Rapier & Flintlock pistol


Rapier - Blue, yellow, 2 surges +1 dam

Flintlock Pistol - Blue, yellow, yellow, Pierce 2, 1 surge +1 dam, Spend full round to unexpend



Dance(M), Gunslinging(R), Musketeering(D), Martial lore(T), Heroism(L)



*||1 Sticking touch|If adjacent enemy moves you can choose to place the unit adjacent to it|

*||2 Dirty dancing|Gain extra yellow when flanking|

||3 Circle attack|Attack all adjacent minions|

||4 Momentum attack|if dealing damage to an enemy gain free attack once pr. round|



*||1 Aim|Spend your move action to gain yellow on range attack|

*||2 Recoil|3 surges add another legal target|

||3 Cover|Remove 2 surges from ranged attacks when adjacent to obstacle|

||4 Snipe|Spend one round to gain additional red on range attack next round|



*||1 Surprise!|+grey on first melee defense against unit|

*||2 Maneuver|Succesful defense gain 2 movement points|

||3 Feint|Reroll all yellow when attacking in melee|

||4 Cloth Fighting|redirect surplus defense roll to other legal target|


||Level|Martial Lore|

*||1 Style weakness|Pierce 1|

*||2 Flawless|Reroll missed attacks once pr. round|

||3 Main gauche|Gain free surge on attack, brown on defense|

||4 Veteran|Enemy units must spend 2 surges when attacking you|



*||1 Luck|Reroll any attack roll once pr. battle including enemies attacking you|

*||2 Graceful exit|replace attack action with enemy unit must spend 3 surges when attempting to attack you|

||3 Taunt|Enemy units must spend 2 surges to attack a friendly unit within range instead of you|

||4 Weapon display|Spend one round to gain grey defense die rest of battle|






Equipment - Knife & Grenades


Knife - Blue, yellow, 1 surge +1 dam

Grenade - Blue, red, yellow, 2 surges +1 range, 2 surges Blast 1



Pain(M), Powder(R), Shadow(D), Quickness(T), Alchemy(L)



*||1 Sharp blade|+yellow on melee|

*||2 Backstab|If flanking gain pierce 3|

||3 Barb|Melee attack gain wound|

||4 Fatal strike|+red on melee|



*||1 Smoke|2 surges immobilise|

*||2 Explosive|+yellow on ranged|

||3 Cluster|1 surge blast 1|

||4 Sleep|2 surges paralyse|



*||1 Blur|+grey on defense|

*||2 Passwall|Move through enemies and obstacles|

||3 Ghost|Divide damage taken by 2 rounded up|

||4 Mirage|Ignore first lethal damage in battle|



*||1 Venom strike|Gain +2 additional initiative|

*||2 Cobra strike|Spend 2 surges to gain a free attack|

||3 Sudden moves|Gain 1 additional move action|

||4 First strike|Gain a free attack on adjacent enemy between rounds|



*||1 Poison|Spend 1 action all melee attacks gain poison effect|

*||2 Healing|Spend 1 action gain full health once pr. battle|

||3 Invisibility|Spend 1 action the unit cannot be targeted the following round once pr. battle|

||4 Power|Spend 1 action deal double damage on all attacks the following round|





Equipment - Sword & Bow



Sword - Blue, Red, 1 surge +1 dam

Bow - Blue, yellow, yellow, Pierce 1, 2 surges +1 range, 3 surges +1 dam




Technique(M), Archery(R), Parry(D), Leap(T), Tactics(L)



*||1 Well-trained|+yellow on melee attacks|

*||2 Lethal strike|3 surges gain pierce 2|

||3 Weapon style|+1 free surge on melee attack|

||4 Grandmastery|+red on melee attacks|



*|1 Remaining spirit |+yellow on range attacks|

*||2 Running shot|attack action can be done at any time during move action|

||3 Bulls eye|Pierce 2 instead of 1|

||4 Composite|1 surge +1 damage|



*||1 Missile parry|+grey vs. range|

*||2 Buckler|Exhaust to cancel 1 wound|

||3 Disarm|Stun attacker on succesful defense against melee|

||4 Shield bash|+brown vs. melee attacks and always deal damage equal to shields rolled on brown die to attacker|



*||1 Light paws|Ignore obstacle conditions|

*||2 Big thighs|+2 health|

||3 Fluid adaption|Ignore stun, paralyse and immobilise conditions|

||4 Down strike|1 surge gain stun effect on melee atack|



*||1 Battle commands|Allies within 3 tile gain +1 movement|

*||2 To Arms!|Allies within 3 tiles receive +1 free surge on attack rolls|

||3 Planning ahead|gain +5 initiative in one round once pr. battle|

||4 Turtle Up!|You and all adjacent allies gain +grey vs. melee attacks|






Water spaces are defined by a blue line surrounding them. A space containing water costs two movement points to enter (instead of the normal cost of one). Any figure entering a water space must spend two movement points to enter or it cannot enter that space. When a large monster ends its movement adjacent to a water space, it may freely place its base in the water spaces without suffering any movement penalty.


Lava spaces are defined by a yellow line surrounding them. A figure entering a space containing lava immediately suffers one damage. Any figure that ends its turn in a lava space is immediately defeated. Heroes that are defeated in this way place their hero token in the nearest empty space (from where they were defeated) that does not contain lava. A large monster is immediately defeated only if all spaces it occupies are lava spaces.


Rocks are solid obstacles that units neither can move or move through with the exception of bears (see catapulting).


Trees are solid obstacles that units neither can move or move through